Stitch Fix #7

So I haven’t had much to say about Stitch Fix lately, but at least three of my seven readers have asked me recently about the “clothing posts,” so I decided to do another one. Part of the reason I skipped blogging about Fixes 4-7 was there was not much great to say and my Mom always said, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” (Not that that’s advice I follow as a lawyer but in my real life I strive to be a bit nicer, if less honest.) I can’t honestly recall much about Fix #4 but I only kept one item from Fix #5 and Fix #6. From #5 I kept a necklace, which I was ambivalent about but now actually enjoy and wear more than I thought I would. From #6 I kept a maxi dress even though it had spaghetti straps which can be challenging at my age. I found a shrug to wear over it and although I have only worn it once so far, I love it.

For those who don’t know, Stitch Fix is an online personal styling service. You can read all about it at stitch You start by filling out a very detailed questionnaire about your size, shape, budget and fashion preferences so your personal stylist can get a sense of your style and what you might like. Then you schedule a “fix.” I signed up for monthly fixes so about once a month I will receive a box in the mail with five clothing and/or accessory items hand-picked just for me. They give you three business days to try on your items and decide what to keep and what to send back. There is a $20 styling fee, but if you purchase anything from your box they will apply the $20 to your order. Also, if you purchase all five items in your box you receive a 25 percent discount off the total price of everything. After you decide what to keep and what to send back you give Stitch Fix detailed feedback about the items you received to help them do a better job on future orders. The more feedback you give the better, although from my last three fixes I honestly wonder if anyone reads the feedback. Part of the problem seems to be that I never get the same stylist twice. Other bloggers seem to have the same stylist over and over and seem to have better luck. Still, it is a fun thing to do and I love clothes so on it goes.

I am not being paid by Stitch Fix and this review is not endorsed by them in any way.

If you would like to try Stitch Fix yourself, follow this link: If you do I will receive a $25 credit should you decide to sign up.

So, Fix #7, which, as it turns out, was not all that lucky, as the name would imply. It was styled for me by Arteresa. I’ll start with what didn’t work, but hang in there because things do turn around at the end.

The first item was the Sioban Striped French Terry 3/4 sleeve dress by Tart in blue and white ($88.00) This has a fairly boxy cut as you can see from the photo below on the hanger. The colors were pretty — very “boaty” — if only I knew someone with a yacht, I might have someplace to wear this. On a yacht, with a glass of champagne, I think my attitude toward this piece might markedly improve.

I tried it on and it was soft and comfortable, although I didn’t think it did a thing for me. Also, I found it a tad short. I usually wear skirts and dresses to the knee because my knees are just really not meant for the light of day. (Hence the obsession with maxis … please let them NOT go out of style too soon.) The dress also had some nice detail at the sleeve.
I considered keeping this as a beach cover up, but it is just too heavy. Plus, despite living three miles from the beach I just don’t think I go often enough to justify spending $88 on a beach cover up. So the verdict on the boat dress? Returned. Watch — I’ll meet a guy with a yacht tomorrow …

For all of these photos, excuse the yellow sports bra showing in nearly every one. What can I say? It’s just too damn hot people. It was enough work to try these clothes on today, much less hunt down the right undergarments. I just wanted to get the photo shoot over with so I could move on to the writing with wine spritzer portion of my afternoon.

Next on the hit parade (or hitless parade as the case may be) is the Cooper Cathleen Split-Neck Tulip Sleeve blouse in pink ($68.00). This piece had a lot wrong with it. First off, the material seemed like it would wrinkle if you so much as looked at it. Heck, it WAS wrinkled. That doesn’t work for me. Second, it was slightly tight across the back of the shoulders. This is the first top I’ve received from Stitch Fix that was too small — generally they are too big. In spite of that, the split in the front went down a bit too low for my taste and just did not lay right. The color here looks like a geranium, but it was a true (albeit bright) pink. Having said all that, the top did have some cutesy-dootsie details — if you are into that kind of thing — on the sleeve and at the hemline, as shown below.

P1000883 P1000879P1000881P1000882

I am sure it will surprise no one that the verdict on the tulip blouse was — Returned!!

So while the first two items in the Fix had something going for them, and I gave them a chance, but alas there was no love connection, item #3 had nothing at all going right. I did not even want to try it on, although I did. It is the Breyson Split-Neck Tab-Sleeve Knit Top by Hawthorn in Turquoise ($48.00). Once again, the color is not displaying correctly in the photos. It is a true greenish turquoise — a color I don’t fancy much — here it looks like actually a nice peacock blue but trust me — in real life it was way more green than blue.

One problem with this is that it was too big overall and, again, the split neck opening was open too much for me. The part I liked least though was the roll-tab sleeves. On a soft knit shirt like this I just think the tabbed sleeves look too messy. Tab sleeves only work with a more structured fabric that will stay nicely rolled and not sag down and just look like my neck probably will in about 10 years. To say this top did nothing for me would be an understatement. The look on my face says it all.


No surprise verdict for the roll-tab top: Returned!

Now, let’s lighten up the mood a bit because there were two items in the box that made me feel like it was worth trying on clothes on an 85 degree day.

The fourth item was the Lavern Tie-Dye Maxi Skirt by Renee C in black ($58.00). I had seen this skirt online and liked it, although I was hoping it would not be black. I just have a lot of black in my wardrobe already. I really would have dug this more in a deep navy, but the serenity of blue was not to be mine and instead I received the deeply depraved black. This may or may not be a metaphor for my life. Overall, I love the skirt. It is soft, flowy and moves beautifully. It is also the right length for me. One negative (besides being black and not navy [but, hey, it was born that way]), is the roll top waist. I don’t really get these, but they seem to be a “thing” because I have two other maxis with the same type of waist. First, they don’t stay in place that well; second, no one needs extra bulk in the waistline. I will probably end up taking this skirt to my tailor to have him surgically remove the roll down waist and just put in regular, flat elastic.

Here it is with a black, Eileen Fisher tank top:

And topped with the final item, the fabulous Bryan Short-Sleeve Open-Front Cardigan by Hawthorn in white ($28.00). My manicure looks amazing, doesn’t it? (Thanks Bergamot Spa.) But I digress …

The styling card showed the skirt with more of a boho-style top, so I tried that too. Um, could work. This white top is from White House/Black Market (or is it Black House/White Market — arrgh, I can never remember, but I like that store. As long as I can remember how to drive there I don’t need to know what it’s called, right??)

A bit more about the open-front cardigan — this is a super soft fabric, although very, very lightweight. I have to say it arrived at the perfect time given we are in a stretch of sticky (what the hell?? San Diego is supposed to be dry!), 80 degree days. This is the perfect topper for air-conditioned offices or just to cover up a tank or the dreaded spaghetti-strap tops. I have been looking for something like this in white all summer. I have a lovely one in off-white that goes with, exactly nothing. I wore the cardigan to work the day after it arrived, over a cute tank that came in my very first Fix, and Talbot’s Heritage cut jeans in Indigo (which are fan-tab-u-lous). I just got these jeans and can’t believe how skinny I look in them. Way to go Talbot’s, but mind your manners and quit trying to hijack the Stitch Fix blog …

Okay, so the verdict on the cardigan and the black maxi? Kept both and now I have something to wear to work tomorrow. The other items are tucked away in the convenient, postage prepaid envelope Stitch Fix includes, ready to be sent back. I hope those items find their “forever homes” soon.

That’s all I’ve got. I drank my wine spritzer and chowed through 1/2 a bag of Skinny Pop so time to do something productive like de-poop the backyard. (Yes, my life really IS that glamorous. Maybe the guy with the yacht will take over poop patrol. Sigh. Whatever, a girl can dream, right??) Despite the highs and los of the Stitch Fix experience, I really do encourage others to try it. It’s definitely fun and the months I receive a lot of duds are, at least, easier on my wallet!

Here’s the work look with skirt and cardigan put together:


Stitch Fixins — Fix #3

So, there is nothing like a Stitch Fix selfie day to make me think I need to pay more attention to my diet and make more of an effort to get to spin class … sigh. I think I’ll have a glass of sauvignon blanc to cheer myself up. Mmm, better. Good thing writing this blog is not an actual job. But, I digress ALREADY.

Okay, so the box arrives, and even Finn the orange cat cannot wait to see what is in it. photo 9
If you are not familiar with Stitch Fix, you can read all about it in my past blogs — here’s one: In short, it is a personal styling service — kind of like celebrities use, but for regular folks like us. You sign up by answering a very detailed questionnaire about your body type and fashion likes and dislikes. Then about once a month they send you a box with 5 fashion items selected just for you. What I have noticed is that they are very good about picking things I I would not ordinarily pick myself, but like nonetheless. So it helps to broaden your fashion horizons. They make it super simple to send back what you don’t want. If you would like to give it a try, follow this link: Personally, I think it is a lot of fun. By the way, I don’t get paid for this blog and it is not endorsed by Stitch Fix in any way. Now that we have taken care of the disclaimer let’s get to it.

As always, the fix starts with a nice note from the stylist who put the “Fix” together. This time it was stylist Mishelle. They send you this reference card which gives you ideas of how to style the various items you’ve been sent. The cards really come in handy. Stitch Fix recently tweeted an article someone wrote with tips on how to use these cards. One great idea was to take them with you when you shop on your own to look for pieces to pair with those in the Fix.

First item out of the box was the Rowson Colorblock Striped Sweater ($58.00).
photo 3

photo 4

I loved this. It is lightweight and super soft. It is great item for the climate where I live. Contrary to popular belief, San Diego is NOT warm and tropical. This is desert. The climate is moderate but can be quite cool, especially in the morning and at night, even in the summer, so I think this will be a great piece for me. I love the sea glass green color on top. (Here I am wearing a light blue tee underneath that shows at the bottom.) The only negative is that it is a bit boxy. I probably could have gone down a size. But, whatever — the verdict? Kept!! Also, I should mention that I wore it to work the day after it came out of the box and managed to get some black schmootz on it so had to wash it. I am pleased to say that it washed up very nicely on the “hand wash” cycle using some Nordstrom lingerie wash. Can’t wait to wear it again. I have khaki and denim pencil skirts I think will go nicely with this, and, as the photo shows, it looked great with jeans.

Next up was the Wrenn V-Neck Jersey Top ($44.00). This is a bright pink (they call it fuchsia), although it looks more like a geranium orange in this photo.


This fit great and was, again, a very soft comfortable fabric. My stylist suggested it would be a good piece for under suits. I thought it looked great as a more casual top with jeans, but to humor the stylist (as if she would know) I tried it on with a suit jacket as well to see if I agreed. I grabbed a Lafayette 148 suit jacket (Lafayette 148 is my favorite designer of “scary lawyer costumes”), and I thought this did look great for the proverbial “pop of color” (thank you Tim Gunn for adding that phrase to my lexicon).


Moreover, I don’t have many bright pieces in my wardrobe right now, so the verdict on the Wrenn V-Neck? Kept!

The next piece was the Landry Printed Cross Front Blouse ($58.00) in navy and white.


I really wanted to love this. The fabric was great and I loved the crazy different designs all in one shirt. I also loved how it was a bit longer in the back. I tried it on with some work slacks just to see how it would look more dressed up. I thought it would look great with navy blue or khaki colored slacks for the office. But there is a big opening in the front, such that I would always need to wear a camisole underneath it. I could have lived with that if it were not for the huge volume of fabric.
I have had this issue before with other Stitch Fix items. I just knew this was going to bug the crap out of me so, ultimately, it was a deal breaker. The verdict? Returned. 😦

The next item turned things around for the positive again — a dress!! Yay. I had asked for office wear in this fix and this next item definitely delivered. It is the Ida 3/4 Sleeve Striped Shirt Dress ($98.00) — by far the priciest item in my Fix.


This is navy and white. Amazingly, it fits fantastically and is WAY comfortable. There is nothing like a dress for work that you can throw on and be ready to go in 30 seconds. The material seems rather impervious to wrinkles, another plus. I like the 3/4 sleeves too since my office can be chilly.

What I didn’t love was the fabric tie belt. It was just so-so. So I tried it with a few different belts from my closet, including a brown woven leather, and a red leather. Both have potential for dressing this up a bit.

photo 6
For fun, I layered on this open front yellow cardigan from Boden, and really liked the look. The dress has some gathering up near the shoulders and a bit of a keyhole opening at the collarbone — a nice touch.
photo 10
Needless to say, the verdict on this dress?? Kept! I will get a lot of wear out of this all summer long. I could even see it with tights and boots in the fall.

The final item in the Fix was a bracelet — the first piece of jewelry I’ve received from Stitch Fix. Mishelle sent me the Veronica Layered Metal Cuff in silver.


Again, I really wanted to love this. I thought it was quite pretty and loved all the strands of twisty, shiny silver. The problem is that it was a bit too big for me. I have tiny wrists — they are the only part of my body that is somewhat bird-like. I felt the cuff overwhelmed my wrist and also did not stay on very well because it was just too — well, oversized. The verdict on the Metal Cuff? Sadly, it was Returned.

So, all in all not a bad Fix. I got a great sweater I will wear all summer — both to work and for casual weekend wear — a great fitting shirt dress that will be added to the Monday – Friday rotation (starting tomorrow), and a hot pink dressy tee that will go to work AND dress up my weekends.

I am still waiting for the nirvana of Fixes — the one where I go for 5 out of 5 items. Hmm, maybe next time ….

Stitch Fix #2!! It Just Gets Better …

So this is my review of my second “fix” from Stitch Fix.  I explained the details of Stitch Fix in my last blog post here. In short, it is an online personal styling service.  After filling out a longish questionnaire about your body type and fashion likes and  dislikes you receive a “Fix” on a regular basis (about once a month or at whatever interval you choose) with five surprise fashion items chosen by a stylist just for you. You have three days to try on the items and decide what to keep and what to send back. Shipping both ways is free and easy (just put returns in the envelope provided and drop at the USPS — easy peasy). After two fixes I am hooked!  You just never know what that pretty green and white box will contain.

I kept two items from my last fix and gave detailed feedback on what I liked and didn’t like.  It seems the stylist was definitely paying attention and this month’s fix, put together by Stylist Victoria, was a near home run.  So let’s see what was in the box … and take more bad selfies for which I hope you will forgive me (promise to work on finding a photog) …

As always, the Fix starts with a nice, personalized note from my stylist and a picture card with ideas of how to style the items in my box.  I love this and last time kept the cards for the items I purchased for future reference.
First up, Kut from the Kloth Emmeline Skinny Jean ($78).  When I got notice that my Fix had shipped I looked up my account to see what I was getting.  I felt a bit of apprehension at seeing “skinny jeans” (being more of a curvy girl) but already own some jeans from Kut from the Kloth brand, which fit me well, so I was hopeful they would work out — and they did.  It turns out these jeans were pretty much a perfect fit!  They have a great cut and just the right amount of stretch to keep them comfortable. Last time Stitch Fix sent some white cropped pants that didn’t exactly work out so I was pretty psyched to get white pants that DO work.



Next up, I tried on the Pomelo Arcade Dot Print Chambray Top ($68.00).  I love dots, and I love chambray so this piece had all the cards stacked in its favor.   It has a loose, comfortable fit.  It can be worn out for a more casual look or tucked in for a neat, business-like appearance. The fabric is soft, but substantial.  Instant hit!!


The verdict on both the jeans and chambray top?  Kept!  In fact, I tried them on in the morning and decided to wear them to a casual day at work that very day.  I styled them with a denim-toned blazer I already had and my coveted AGL denim blue flats. (I removed the tags before leaving the house. :-)) I think the jeans would also pair well with heels.


Lookin’ good (if I do say so myself).  But I digress … back to the fix!!

The third item was the Daniel Rainn Axis Geo Print Crochet Detail Blouse ($68.00), also known (to me) as the booby-licious top because of this keyhole opening strategically placed right over my cleavage.  Uh, uh, uh,  not too comfortable with this look.


I did like the crochet detail around the front and back, (see below).  You wouldn’t need to wear a necklace with this.  I was just not comfortable with the cleavage extravaganza and also felt it was a bit too blousy — slightly maternity in shape which did not do me any favors.  It was also slightly sheer.


Now a friend has tried to convince me this top is really cute on me (let me know your thoughts).  At the end of the day I did not feel it was my style.  One sticking point is that if you buy all five items in your Fix box you get an extra 25% discount which would basically make this blouse free.  So I considered keeping it, but the final verdict?  Returned.

Next up, the Chris & Carol Tobey Mixed Stripe Maxi Skirt ($58.00).  I think my stylist Victoria has figured out that I really like maxi skirts.  I kept the maxi dress from my last fix and was excited to see a maxi skirt this time around. />Image

This skirt is a perfect length and a very soft, comfortable material.  It is black with a wide white chalk stripe and a modest slit up front to make it easier to walk in (and perhaps slightly sexier).  I really like the mixed up stripes in the waist and hip area to hide some of the junk in my trunk.  It’s a perfect weight for spring and summer and I think I will get a lot of wear out of it.  It’s great both for work and weekend casual.  I could see wearing it with either a black or white top or even something bolder like a bright pink.  The verdict?  Kept.

Update: Here is how I styled the skirt for work on a cool spring day — with a mock black turtleneck, black tights, black booties, and a gray/white/black scarf. I also wore a necklace with a bright blue glass pendant that I picked up in Dublin (for some color)but the camera is blocking it in this photo. It was so comfortable and I felt great in it. Can’t wait to wear it all summer with sandals.

Update: Here is the skirt worn to the office on a warm spring day with a 50’s style cardigan from Boden USA. Excuse my hair — it doesn’t like to get up in the morning. 🙂
The final item in my box this month was a scarf and I do love me some scarves.  This is a black and mint green number (it looks blue or turquoise here but is actually a mint green) with a delectable chevron stripe.  It’s an infinity scarf (always a bit easier to deal with I think as long as it does not have too much volume) and is very lightweight, again I feel perfect for spring and summer.  Since I wear a ton of black and white this will go with a lot of things.  The verdict?  Not only “kept” but scheduled to be worn to work on Monday. Always happy to have a reason to look forward to Monday.



Well dear friends, after an incredibly long week in the salt mines of the legal profession it was a lot of fun to spend this Friday night trying on clothes with you.  I can’t recommend Stitch Fix enough (it makes a great gift). 


If you would like to try Stitch Fix yourself, follow this link: If you do I will receive a $25 credit should you decide to sign up.
This review expresses my personal opinions only. I am not being paid by Stitch Fix. Believe me, I am doing this just for fun!

This is my review of my first “fix” from Stitch Fix. For those who don’t know, Stitch Fix is an online personal styling service. You can read all about it at stitch You start by filling out a very detailed questionnaire about your size, shape, budget and fashion preferences so your personal stylist can get a sense of your style and what you might like. Then you schedule a “fix.” I signed up for monthly fixes so about once a month I will receive a box in the mail with five clothing and/or accessory items hand-picked just for me. They give you three business days to try on your items and decide what to keep and what to send back. There is a $20 styling fee, but if you purchase anything from your box they will apply the $20 to your order. Also, if you purchase all five items in your box you receive a 25% discount off the total price of everything. After you decide what to keep and what to send back you give Stitch Fix detailed feedback about the items you received to help them do a better job on future orders. The ladies at work who turned me onto this said the more feedback you give the better.

Also very cool, they send you a photo card with ideas on how to style the items they’ve sent you:


When thinking about signing up for this service I became fascinated reading the blogs of other Stitch Fixers, looking at the photos of the clothes they received and reading their thoughts about the items. That inspired me to blog about my own Fix.

I am not being paid by Stitch Fix and this review is not endorsed by them in any way.

If you would like to try Stitch Fix yourself, follow this link: If you do I will receive a $25 credit should you decide to sign up.

Excuse the bad selfies — there was no one around to take pics. Also excuse my utter lack of any tan — it is February people. Temps are in the freaking 60s here in San Diego so why would I be out in the sun???

So, on to the Review of Fix #1:

By way of background I should say that I told Stitch Fix I was going on a Caribbean cruise and was interested in receiving cruise-worthy items, including perhaps a cocktail dress and more casual dinner attire. Thanks to my stylist, Michelle, who really did a great job for the first one.

My first item was the Kahlo Racer Back Striped Maxi Dress ($78):

It is ivory and black with a tomato red lace embellishment in front. I wasn’t sure how I felt about the embellishment (I saw it with a yellow embellishment on someone else’s blog), but the dress is soft and comfortable, fits well (not too low-cut) and, most importantly it was the right length — with a bit of a heel it does not need to be hemmed.(Probably a bit too much heel here.) I thought it would be good for a casual dinner night on the cruise and something I could wear at home with a jean jacket over it. The Verdict? Kept.

Update: Here I am wearing the maxi on vacation in St. Kitts. It was very comfortable, great for casual activities and lounging (not that I spend a ton of time “lounging” but I like the idea of it. ) 🙂P1000667

The second and third items were the Priya Tribal Printed Knit-Back Tank in turquoise and navy ($54), and the Calla Solid Swing Skirt in navy ($58). Bewildered looking Golden Retriever not included. 🙂


The skirt was comfortable and fit well. I hemmed and hawed over whether to keep it but at the end of the day I have a black skirt that is very much like this. The Verdict? Returned. The tank on the other hand was unlike anything I have in my wardrobe. It is described as turquoise but is more of a deep mint green. It is a silky material with the print on the front and the back is solid green in a knit — different! I might have liked it a tad better if it was black/green instead of navy/green but I thought it would look cute both with white or black slacks for work or on the weekends with jeans. The Verdict? Kept.

Update: Here I am wearing the tank top at dinner with my cruise buddy Candy.

Update: Here is the top with some dark denim jeans from Talbot’s (Heritage cut, color:Indigo).

The fourth item was, I believe, my stylist’s attempt to provide me with a cocktail-type dress for the cruise. She sent me the Dovette Draped Detail Dress in a teal green ($58)(it looks a bit blue in these photos but is actually teal).

P1000490 P1000491

I liked how this dress emphasized my curves and made my waist look small. It fit surprisingly well. What I didn’t love was the sash across the front. There was too much fabric. I felt a bit like the Statue of Liberty. Far be it from me to mock Lady Liberty, but I don’t take my fashion cues from her. Also, I was not a big fan of the color (also Statue of Liberty-like). The Verdict? Returned.

The final item was the Toren Cropped Cargo Pant in white ($88):


I was super excited about these as I loved the idea of a white cargo capri for the trip. Unfortunately, as you can see, these did nothing for me. They are a parachute-type material which would be great for the tropics, but was a bit too sheer. I also didn’t love the rose gold detail on the side of the leg. They were comfortable with good stretch but would probably work better on someone with a less curvy bottom half. The Verdict? Returned.

So, all in all a fairly successful first Fix. I have two items that will definitely go with me on my cruise and I’m happy about that. Even if nothing had worked I would have found this worth the $20 styling fee just for the entertainment value. Until the next Fix, I will be working on my tan and working out … 🙂